Choosing a school, an important decision

Together with the family, the school is the environment in which your child will live more intensely. For children, the most important aspect of school life are the relationships they build with their friends and teachers. Secure friendships sustained over time are closely associated with feelings of confidence and self-worth and learning.

That’s why, when it comes to meeting Sant Felip Neri, we encourage you to meet us in a first interview and see the school in a regular day. We will share our pedagogical project and you will have the opportunity to experience the school as it is.

Don’t think about it: ask and come meet us! Only in this way, families and future students can see the school, meet our team and discover how we work.

Contact form and protection of personal data

In addition, during the pre-enrollment period, we will send you all the information related to the process, deadlines and the necessary documentation to submit your application, as well as the main features of our educational project.

Please provide us with your contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible to organize an individually family visit. If you need, you can call us too at 93 301 12 96 or 676 87 46 92.



Original and copy of the family record book .
Original and copy of DNI, passport or other identification of the parents or tutors.
Original and copy of DNI of any student older than 14 years.
Original and copy of the TSI (targeta sanitària individual)
Original and copy of the vaccination record card.

To justify the general criteria:

Closeness to the centre

Certificate of cohabitation when the DNI shows a different address. Copy of the employment contract or a certificate issued by the company, if you choose the place of work as a criteria.

Annual income of the family unit

Supporting documentation of being beneficiary or be beneficiary of the RMI (renta minima de inserción)

Disability of the student, father, mother, tutor, sibling

Original and copy of the certificate of disability, equal or superior to 33%.

Large family or single-parent family

Original and copy of the official card.