Practice English connecting with students from around the world

With Global Scholars, our students explore this year the role of water with teens from other countries

Global Scholars is an international digital exchange program that connects students ages 10 to 13 in cities around the world.

Guided by their teachers, students participate in a project-based curriculum and engage with international peers in an interactive e-classroom. Students broaden their perspectives by discovering common experiences and exploring issues through personal, local, and global lenses. They develop global competency skills needed in today’s world, such as cultural understanding, appreciation for diversity, digital literacy, and critical thinking.

Global Cities, Inc. provides the curriculum, access to the password-protected e-classroom, and year-long professional development. The program is conducted in English, and students with a variety of English-language fluency levels can successfully participate. Schools provide at least one computer or tablet with a reliable internet connection for every two students, two hours per week for program activities.

2018–19 Curriculum: World of Water

The 2018-19 Global Scholars curriculum explores the role of water in our lives, cities, and world. Students discover the importance of water to the unique culture, commerce, and daily life of their own cities and cities around the world. At the same time, students learn from one another as they investigate some of today’s most pressing environmental issues: water pollution, the impact of climate change, and the challenge of providing equal access to clean, safe drinking water.