School pre-enrolment and enrolment 2019-2020

Documents to justify the general criteria:

Closeness to the centre

Certificate of cohabitation when the DNI shows a different address. Copy of the employment contract or a certificate issued by the company, if you choose the place of work as a criteria.

Annual income of the family unit

Supporting documentation of being beneficiary or be beneficiary of the RMI (renta minima de inserción)

Disability of the student, father, mother, tutor, sibling

Original and copy of the certificate of disability, equal or superior to 33%.

Large family or single-parent family

Original and copy of the official card.

Documents to registration for course 2019-2020

Original and copy of the family record book .
Original and copy of DNI, passport or other identification of the parents or tutors.
Original and copy of DNI of any student older than 14 years.
Original and copy of the TSI (targeta sanitària individual)
Original and copy of the vaccination record card.