Rethinking education leads us to think about the learning process . Simultaneously, departament d’Ensenyament proposes to developing abilities.. Two years ago Escola Nova 21 a pedagogical movement that focuses on the concept of advanced education, was born.

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We understand education as a long-term process where the tutorship is fundamental: it is necessary to accompany them in the construction of a positive self-image, working on the knowledge of emotions.

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The transformation that we carry out at this moment combines the experience acquired by our team over time with the desire to continue innovating.

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Participation, responsibility and commitment.

Sant Felip Neri’s projects are not isolated activities, they are part of a broader framework, a way of conceiving education.
The projects are based on abilities and they are cross-curricular.. Participation, responsibility and commitment are key words.

English project


Global Scholars is an initiative from Foundation Bloomberg Philantrophies that tries to engage school’s youngsters from all around the world into exchanging information, knowledge and experience, through a virtual community.

Science: We teach Science in English language. From year 3 of primary, students learn the curricular content in English.. Secondary school students use English language in laboratory experiments.

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Educational robotics is a stimulating tool, that allows us to adapt to the diversity of students, boosting creativity, developing scientific and technological vocations. The school participates in two competitions during the year, the First Lego League and the World Robot Olympiad.

Prova Cangur is an activity promoted by the international society Le Kangourou sans Frontières, to wich belongs the Catalan Society of Mathematics. Students must pass a test with 30 mathematical challenges, of increasing difficulty and with enclosed answers.

The Competence Project of Scientific Thought in Secondary school helps to understand natural sciences through cooperative work in the classroom.

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The school is a small society and by living in it students learn democratic values. Our pedagogical program includes several activities: time bank, activities in collaboration with the occupational centre Sínia, participatory processes related to Barcelona City Hall, community services, etc.

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The area of Physical Education is based on the movement of the own body, as a tool for learning and sharing. From early stages we work coordinatedly with other schools in activities like Joc Perdut or Mar de Jocs.

The discovery and the improvement of technical skills are achieved through activities like mountain biking , hiking in Collserola park or activities in city sport centers.

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Let’s be healthy!

The commission made up of teachers, students and families, with the support of Agència de la Salut Pública de Barcelona and Equip de Salut Comunitària has a primary goal the promotion of healthy habits in schools.

At the moment we are carrying out projects and workshops like Consciousness of the Own Body in Childhood, Fruit Consumption in the School, and different programs to promote healthy habits in secondary school, developed with the advice of external specialists.

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We develop the artistic curriculum taking the history of art as a transversal core idea. Each course is focused on different artists and art periods as a motivating way to learn, analyse and create.

In the interdisciplinary project Reimagina’t, promoted by the Observatori de les Dones, students of 3rd grade of secondary school create a non-sexist advertising spot. This project involves different learning areas like technology and languages.

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Cantania is a participatory activity involving Catalan primary school children 8 to 12 years old. Every year a new cantata is performed in Auditori of Barcelona.

Dansa Ara is a great event of contemporary dance organized by the Barcelona City Council which promotes learning rhythmic and artistic skills through contemporary dance.
Students learn a repertoire of dances and they participate in a dance show in which they have a leading role.

The aim of Els compositors entren a L’aula project is to be in touch with contemporary music creations, and to inspire students to create their own composition.

The activity of Cant Coral proposes an activity at lunchtime. Primary students train their voices singing classical pieces , like Mesiah of Haendel. They also take part in the Gran Concert in Palau de la música and they sing Christmas carols with the elderly in Llar de la Mercè.

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Padrins de lectura. Students of third cycle of primary help kindergarten students in their reading learning process. It is a big motivation and they build affective bonds.

Lectors de contes. Students of 3rd and 4th of primary prepare a tale that later they read to the youngest of the school.

Contes a l’Esprint is a project that requires a collective writing, against the clock. A mixed group is formed and the aim of the activity is to write a story related to a specific topic. This activity is done in Catalan and Spanish language.

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